Track & Field


Since the mid-90’s, the Track and Field program at Westside has provided our students with the equipment, facilities, and coaching expertise to prepare them for the highest level of high school competition. Our teams have earned District championships (boys in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014; girls in 2004, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) and trophies at the State Meet (boys first in 2009, second in 2008 and third in 2012 and 2013 ; girls third in 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2014). We’ve had 13 individual and 8 relay team State Champions with our 2012 boys 4 x 400 team setting a State Meet record in 3:24.90. Upon graduation, many of our athletes continue to compete during college, earning athletic scholarships and similar accolades at the next level of competition.

As a combination individual and team sport, Track and Field allows each student to experience success on a variety of levels. With 17 events offered in high school, students have the opportunity to experiment with as many events as they desire. While focusing on one or more primary events, they can also “try out” some others. Rather than defining success by the place earned in an event, students can track the improvement of their marks throughout the season and from year to year.

It is the goal of the Track & Field coaching staff to create and maintain a program which fosters achievement of the following objectives:

Athletes will…

  • develop a competitive approach to training and meet participation.
  • have a broader definition of success.
  • develop the ability to push themselves beyond their level of emotional and physical comfort.
  • develop a greater level of self confidence as they experience some measure of athletic success.
  • create deeper relationships with peers.
  • be a better team member in the future because of their Track & Field experience.
  • be encouragers of others, sharing in the joy of another’s accomplishments.
  • be more grateful for healthy bodies and praise God for this blessing.

Track & Field FAQs

Head Coach Varsity — Distance, Horizontal Jumps

Scott Ball 

Coach Ball has coached both cross country and track at Westside since 2001. Prior to coaching at Westside, Coach Ball was the head cross country and track coach at Pacific University.

Event Coach — Shot & Discus

Joe Brooks

Coach Brooks teaches at West Hills Christian School and has served in the Westside track & field program since 2008.


Event Coach — Sprints, Hurdles & Relays

Jim Consolo

Coach Consolo coached at West Hills Christian School from 2005-2011 and now at Westside since 2011.


Event Coach — High Jump

Bob Hartford

Coach Hartford has coached at Westside since 2012.


Event Coach — Javelin

Chelsea Witkowski

Coach Witkowski is a 2004 graduate of Westside and 2008 graduate of Northern Arizona University.  Coach Witkowski competed in multiple track and field events in high school where she also ran cross country and played basketball. At NAU, Coach Witkowski competed in track and field as a javelin thrower. She currently teaches art and yearbook at Westside.


Coaches Favorite Distance Running Articles

Historical Distance Runners Ladder

State Meet Placers

(3A out of 6A)

Emily Curtis 1st in 800
Jonathan Palau 7th in 800

Emily Curtis 3nd in 800
Lisa Jauch 6th in 1500

Jessie Mathison 2nd in 800
Ryan Krostag 8th in 800
Derek Baltzell 10th in 800
Marcus Raz 8th in 3000

Sarah Curtis 7th in 3000, 3rd in 800
Rich Fettig 3rd in 3000, 4th in 1500
Ryan Krostag 5th in 800
Kirk Anderson 4th in 800

Sarah Curtis 7th in 3000, 8th in 800
Ellerey Nelson 8th in 3000, 9th in 1500
Hannah Sorensen 10th in 1500
Rich Fettig 8th in 3000, 10th in 1500
Garrick Kalmeta 12th in 1500
Kirk Anderson 1st in 800

Sarah Curtis 7th in 3000, 10th in 1500
Katelyn Meeter 9th in 1500
Leanne Bingham 10th in 800
Chris Redelfs 9th in 3000
Rich Fettig 10th in 3000

Craig Bingham 5th in 3000
Leanne Bingham 7th in 3000

Austen Paul 9th in 1500, 7th in 3000
Latane Cox 6th in 800, 4th in 1500

Daniel Friesen 2nd in 1500, 1st in 3000

Daniel Friesen 4th in 1500, 2nd in 3000
David Jeffery 7th in 3000
Abigail King 3rd in 1500, 2nd in 3000

(2A out of 4A)
Daniel Friesen 9th in 3000
David Jeffery 10th in 1500
Abigail King 6th in 1500, 2nd in 3000

Steve Campbell 3rd in 800
Daniel Friesen 6th in 3000
Abigail King 8th in 1500, 8th in 3000

Bethany Adams 6th in 800
Steve Campbell 7th in 800, 9th in 1500
Abigail King 10th in 1500, 9th in 3000
Greg Potts 9th in 3000

Bethany Adams 1st in 800
Steve Campbell 7th in 1500
Jeff Friesen 4th in 3000
Greg Potts 8th in 3000

Jeff Friesen 10th in 3000

Shannon Edwards 14th in 3000
Jeff Friesen 12th in 3000
Michael Wanberg 6th in 800

Shannon Edwards 15th in 1500, 7th in 3000
Jeff Friesen 17th in 3000
Angela Hutchins 12th in 800

David Crisman 15th in 1500
Melissa Darm 8th in 800
Shannon Edwards 7th in 3000
Will Kalenius 13th in 1500
Brian Roesler 1st in 800

Will Kalenius 10th in 1500, 12th in 3000

Marisa Merritt 8th in 800, 4th in 1500

Marisa Merritt 7th in 1500

Marisa Merritt 16th in 1500