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Titration Lab

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In Mrs. Ivans’ chemistry class, students had some hands on experience with titration of acids and bases, take a look at some action shots below!


Christopher Tento & Clara Adams ‘mixing it up’



Rachel Kline with pink-tinted titration lab flask



Measuring, precisely

WCHS Auction

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Westside’s auction “A Beach Getaway at the Westside Resort” is this weekend, April 8, from 5-9pm. The event will be held at Westside Christian High School, and you may purchase tickets online here: auction tickets. You may also pay purchase tickets via cash / check at Westside’s front desk. Tickets are $30 each in advance, and $ 35 at the door.


WCHS Talent Show

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Westside students, faculty, and staff were the beneficiaries of some amazing acts at this weeks Spring Talent Show. From solo singing acts to our handbell choir, from tap and Irish dancing to the band playing snippets of John Williams classics, it was an impressive demonstration of student (and staff) skill!


Soli girls singing ‘Cups’ around the campfire.



Sammi Lopresti and Jessica Tosti doing a (super sweet) tap dance!



Nat Gurnee had the whole school thinking they were at a concert with his solo guitar act.



Dr. Miller, Dylan Maguire, Garrett Stevens, & Valerie Vreugdenhil on the handbells.



The Westside band would’ve made John Williams proud with their Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and ET arrangement.

Special Olympics

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Twenty six Westside student volunteers up bright and early this weekend to head to Liberty High School for the BB Skills Competition for SOOR — our 27th year of involvement as a school with Special Olympics.






AP Biology Bacteria Plates

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AP Biology students successfully inserted a jellyfish gene (green fluorescent protein) into E. coli bacteria, which caused the colonies to glow in the dark. Students below gather around the dark bacteria plates glowing in the dark!



Green fluorescent protein injected into E. coli bacteria



Glow in the dark; sweet!

Advanced Art Ceramics

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Students in the Advanced Art class have been working on some ceramics in recent weeks. Take a look at some impressive pencil holders, bowls, and watering troughs below!


Alyssa Molony & Gabriela Sears



Polar Bear & pink bowl



Kaley Cross & Eva Lammers

Oregon Robotics Champions

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Christian Hahn has been competing with the Lake Oswego Robotics FTC (First Tech Challenge) team this year. Recently, the team advanced from the Oregon State Championship to the West Super Regionals (US Championship), where they will be competing for the chance to be one of the twelve teams representing the U.S. in international competition.

What an honor it would be for Westside to have a representative at the World Championships!


Lake Oswego Robotics Team



Building cool stuff!

Stock Market Challenge

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Thirteen Westside seniors from all three Economics classes competed in Junior Achievement’s Stock Market Challenge on Thursday 3/9.  Westside students were one of 67 teams, with a total of 375 other Oregon and SW Washington high school participants.

Junior Achievement’s website describes the event as:

An exciting, hands-on simulation that puts participants into the fast-paced world of the stock market….teams start with $ 500,000 in fictitious funds to buy stock in 26 mock companies. Once the opening bell rings on the stock market trading floor, the market opens and every 90 seconds represents a complete trading day. Over the course of two hours, participants must think on their feet and compete for the attention of floor traders as they make trades in real time. The team with the highest net worth portfolio at the end of 60 trading days will be crowned the Stock Market Challenge Champion.


Nat Gurnee, Mckenzie Turner, Yejin Han



Alannah Carr, Ruben Vila, Zachary Bishop, Laura Madison

Soli Qualifies for State

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Westside’s Soli Deo Gloria qualified for the Oregon State Small Ensemble Championships last weekend. Soli is embarking on a busy spring! The group performed at the Solo and Ensemble contest and received a 97/100 score and qualified for the Oregon State Small Ensemble Championships on Friday, April 28th, at Pacific University!

Soli will also be featured on the 71st Annual All Northwest Barbershop Quartet Contest Finals shows at 2:00pm and 7:00pm on Saturday, March 25th. For tickets visit:

Congratulations Soli!


Pre-performance warm up

Officer Rinnell at WCHS

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Officer Rinnell is the School Resource Officer for all Tigard and Tualatin schools (public and private) and this week is speaking with Westside students about her experience as an SRO for the last 10 years. She is presenting in all of the Health classes about how teens can avoid using substances, and why they should. During her time with our Westside students she will share from her experience in teen substance abuse and addiction, how to tell if a friend is using substances and/or under the influence, and who to talk to if you are concerned about a friend and need more information.



Westside’s Student Resource Officer



First period Health