Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

PTF is a parent run organization, which exists to provide fellowship, support and encouragement for the faculty, staff, and programs of Westside Christian High School.  There are many areas within PTF for parents to serve – as a PTF Board member, a leader in a specific PTF area, or by lending your support at events throughout the year. For more information or general questions simply call or email one of the PTF members listed below.

PTF Calendar 2016-17

PTF Org Chart 2016-17 16.0904

PTF Volunteer Sign-up Form

PTF Executive Board:

President: Carol McCormick 503.697.4711 x1306

Secretary/Treasurer: Amy Lammers 503.246.5025

Vice President Student Life: Phil & Fiona de la Motte 503.708.9558, 503.860.4016

Vice President Programs: Shelley Lopresti

Vice President Fellowship: Debby Mager 503.577.8943

Student Life – Class Representatives:

Freshman: Mike & Anne Gurnee 503.320.6122, 503.320.8571

Sophomore: Lisa Maguire 503.984.0014

Junior: Lynn Hartigan 503.866.8308

Senior: Mike & Amy Baltzell 503.621.8889, 503.702.3258


Academics: Barbara Mount 503.891.7458

Athletics: Rachel Wolverton 503.819.6605

Choir: Mike & Teri Mumaw 503.332.5840, 503.332.5840

Drama: Sheri Kaetzel 503.778.0159 & Becca McVicker 503.449.9007


Community & Staff Fellowship: Nancy Jones 503.720.1413 & Carly Pringle 503.913.1887

PEST: Patricia Griffiths 503.524.6170


Auction Co-Chairs:  Shelley Lopresti & Patricia Griffiths 503.524.6170