Alumni Profiles

Westside Christian High School is intrinsically about people – exceptional students, dedicated faculty, committed alumni, and a community of loyal friends and supporters. People are our most valuable resource and the wellspring from which our mission can be accomplished.

We are humbled by the accomplishments of our graduates. Here is a small sampling of alumni who in many ways are living examples of our vision. They are able to point to their Westside experience as one that helped prepare them well for the next chapter of their lives — prepare them academically, spiritually, and to live a life of purpose.



Jessica graduated Summa Cum Laude from Gonzaga University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2012. She was then awarded a full-ride graduate fellowship to Stanford University to pursue a master’s degree in Structural Engineering.

She learned the value of being well rounded while at Westside:
“I definitely felt that I received a rigorous academic experience at Westside. We had to work hard in our classes, and it paid off when I got to college. I seemed to have a leg up on my peers. Westside also encouraged students to get involved and find other interests outside of books. I certainly did that…leadership, sports, you name it! I’m so glad I did; it taught me solid time management skills.”

These are skills that Jessica carried with her when she headed to Gonzaga. Every semester she played on two or three intramural sports teams, took full advantage of recreational activities in the Spokane area, taught Sunday School, served as an officer in a Civil Engineering Society, participated in a national honor society, was a Gonzaga Ambassador, and ran her first marathon during her senior year…among other things.



Enric has already seen more pain and suffering than most people see in a lifetime. In 1994 he lost his parents and was one of the few survivors of the mindless slaughter in Rwanda. For six long years, Enric fended for himself as a street kid in Rwanda. Finally, as a young teen he was rescued by members of a local church and he jumpstarted his education while pursuing his passion for music.

Through African New Life Ministries, Enric met the staff and students at Westside where he captured our hearts. Our community reached out to provide the financial assistance needed for Enric to finish his schooling here. He is now a student at Warner Pacific College studying Business and Pre-law.

“I feel very fortunate to have attended Westside. When I went on to college, I felt prepared for the academic expectations and am able to be very disciplined with my time. Westside also helped me gain a solid foundation for my spiritual life. Being introduced to the word of God while in high school helped me understand the importance of turning to God when I make decisions.

“More than anything, though, Westside gave me hope for a future and was truly like my first community or family. A lot of decisions I make now are influenced by the things I learned at Westside, either by hanging out with teachers and students, attending classes, or being involved in chapel.”



Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with an emphasis in pre-physical therapy from Northwest Nazarene University while playing collegiate soccer. She graduated with the highest GPA in the Biology department and is now working on her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Pacific University.

“Westside prepared me in so many ways. Three key areas include academically, spiritually, and understanding the importance of community.

“Westside taught me to write well – an incredibly invaluable skill and one that I’ll use the rest of my life. Understanding how to structure a well thought out paper that has a logical flow is so important no matter what you end up doing.

“Westside also stressed and modeled the importance of being in community. When I transitioned to college, I not only worked to establish a sense of community on campus, I also continued to rely upon my Westside friends. Relationships with Westside coaches, teachers, and friends helped hold me accountable, like iron sharpening iron, when I faced times of opposition.

“And finally, my time at Westside helped me establish a strong spiritual foundation that was central in my college walk.”



Alex attended George Fox University and earned his degree in Christian Ministries. In addition to mission work with African New Life Ministries, he also studied abroad in Bolivia for four months. While there he served in a local orphanage and lived with a Bolivian family.

Alex went on to intern at A Jesus Church – Bridgetown (formerly Solid Rock Church), and was recently hired as College Director.

“I learned a ton about community at WCHS. Then during my college years I became even more aware of how important it is to be part of a smaller community of people who hold you accountable. This is especially true in a culture that has become more and more segregated and individualized, especially among those who are introverted.

“Jesus said, ‘People will know me because of our love for one another.’ At Westside I was able to be a part of a community of believers who loved God and loved one another.

“I am also thankful for Westside staff members who invested in me and showed they cared for me as a person – well beyond the time in class. Their mentoring really helped me become a man who loves and lives for Jesus.”



David earned a BBA in Finance and a BA in Political Science from Southern Methodist University.

“Westside prepared me for life in two key ways – understanding the importance of being a servant leader and having a strong faith in God.

“Westside instilled in me a desire to both lead and serve – totally in line with the concept of servant leadership that WCHS embraces. I had lots of leadership opportunities during those four years, both at school and in the community and was able to get first-hand experience with school leaders in developing strategies and engagement projects. I was also involved in numerous service projects, like serving at Night Strike under the Burnside Bridge and teaching English in Thai schools as part of Westside’s annual Thailand team.

“These experiences have been instrumental in preparing me for current leadership opportunities at work and church. I am currently a strategy analyst at American Airlines and am heavily involved in leading a team of analysts as we expand our reach in Latin America. In this role I have been able to apply the leadership and service skills that I learned at Westside.

“Additionally, the Westside teachers pushed me to grow in my faith and really make it my own. The staff allowed me to have real opportunities to live out my faith in high school – something I will embrace the rest of my life.”