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BBB10K Scholarship

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Two Westside Christian High School Seniors, Jon Gillespie and Chris Cervetto, are finalists for a $ 10,000 scholarship from the Better Business Bureau. According to the BBB’s website: BBB Foundation offers the Students of Integrity Scholarship to recognize high school juniors and seniors who personify and communicate ethics in the real world…A scholarship of $10,000 will be awarded to the winning application…High school juniors and seniors from across the Northwest are encouraged to apply by creating a 90-second video that demonstrates how BBB helps people become smart consumers. 

Take a look at the funny short video Jon and Chris produced about Identity Fraud Prevention. They’re closing in on first place, and need more views!

Take a watch here: Identity Theft Video

If so inclined, share with your friends in a collective attempt to help them with this scholarship. Go Westside!






Irresistible Revolution

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Last week Josh Reid’s senior Bible class connected with Shane Claiborne via Skype. During their 90 minutes together, students asked questions they had written out in advance of the Skype date. Students began reading Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution before Christmas break, and just recently finished. Shane Claiborne is a Christian author, speaker, and activist, and founding member of The Simple Way, a community of Christians living in community in North Philadelphia.

A few thoughtful questions for our Westside seniors:

  • How do you reconcile the Old Testament passages of God’s people going to war in His name, and the New Testament commands to love our enemies?
  • When is it okay for disruptive protesting? When is it not?
  • What responsibilities do Christians have regarding the environment?
  • How can we distinguish God’s voice from our own? How can we turn our hearing to properly hear God’s instructions?

Seniors & Shane via Skype in the library





The Millionaire Next Door

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Westside seniors are currently reading and taking notes on The Millionaire Next Door in Economics to learn the art of accurate budgeting, informed saving, and wisely planning for their retirement years. Here’s to the WCHS Class of 2017 being fiscally responsible graduates at the conclusion of their high school years!



Motion Labs

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This week freshmen Physical Science students measured static friction (the friction of the object resting on the surface) and the kinetic friction (when the object is moving over the surface) with different masses of objects over varying surface textures. Then students measured the force necessary to lift a block vertically and how that force is reduced when the object is lifted on an incline plane at three different angles. Before doing these activities, students learned all the various ways friction is part of our lives: gravel on icy roads, our fingerprints, the friction between our shoes and the ground…

Science in action!


Jack Carr & Taylor Foglio



Peter, Morris, and Madison motion testing.



Four different friction sources for testing.



Incline motion testing in process.



Testing materials.



Dee Anna Bricker & Rebecca Gurnee excited about their lab write-ups.

Margaux Meganck

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Margaux Meganck, a Portland author and illustrator, came to Miss Tosti’s Digital Design class to speak about how she uses Photoshop in her daily work.  She is a published children’s book illustrator, and walked the students through her design, development, and the publishing process, step by step.

Margaux lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in painting/drawing from the University of Oregon’s Robert D. Clark Honors College in 2008. After graduation she attended two consecutive summers at The Illustration Academy. She worked for two years as a children’s art teacher before making the decision to freelance full time. She works in a variety of media including traditional (watercolor, ink, gouache, pastel, graphite), and digital (adobe illustrator, indesign, and photoshop). She loves sunny walks and rainy sleeps, bottomless teacups, and playing for keeps. She spends her days painting, drawing, writing, and gallivanting.

See Margaux’s work on here website at: margauxmeganck.com


Margaux demonstrating illustration techniques.



Margaux’s work broadcast, in real time, up on the JTouch.



Students and Photoshop in action.



Artwork from Susannah Fischer.



Space, courtesy of Simon Griffin.



Ethan Cupper’s underwater world.

Bible Debate

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Mr. Reid & Mr. Westerberg engaged in a stimulating debate on either side of the pacifism / just war discussion in Bible 12 this week. Over the course of 90 minutes students heard two esteemed teachers discuss, from two different perspectives, their understanding of what the Bible says regarding just war / pacifism while looking at the Noahic covenant in Geneis 9:6, Paul’s instructions from Romans 12-13, and the personal implications of the life and teachings of Jesus.

What an opportunity to have two learned biblical scholars debate with humility, civility, and the earnest desire to know God’s heart on such an important issue.


Mr. Reid & Mr. Westerberg

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

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Students in AP Language and Speech classes have been exercising their argumentative skills through Lincoln-Douglas debates. They’ve been spending weeks researching and writing arguments on topics that are fundamentally VALUE driven. Such topics include juvenile delinquents and the justice system, socialism vs capitalism, compulsory immunizations, and more! They are required to debate within the confines of a given resolution and be able to articulate the foundational values that drive their stances. They are quite an impressive lot!


Bailey McKay and Catalina Gillis



Andrew McCormick and Simon Griffin



Will Geib and Ali Mills



Chris Kaetzel and Anna Laporte

Health Final

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For their health final, students were asked to make a health-advocacy Public Service Announcement that demonstrated knowledge about a lifestyle related disease. Students could choose to create their project in a way that was interesting to them, as well as choose their more specific topic.

Take a look at one well done student PSA on Obesity


Screen Printing

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Students recently completed a screen printing project in Introduction to Art. Students were required to create 4 prints total. A self portrait, 3 or more color prints, a positive and negative print of the same item, and something of their choice.

Azul Pereyra

Azul Pereyra


Lizzy Lea (portrait and lion) Amy Nguyen-Phuc (cartoon) Elise Reinholtz (portrait)

Lizzy Lea (portrait and lion) Amy Nguyen-Phuc (cartoon) Elise Reinholtz (portrait)


Hollyn Dugan

Hollyn Dugan


Jake Mount (portrait & Kanye West) Lily Randall (horse)

Jake Mount (portrait & Kanye West) Lily Randall (horse)


Kaylee Becker

Kaylee Becker


Lilie de la Motte

Lilie de la Motte


Rachel Hultgren (van), Garret Stevens (portrait)

Rachel Hultgren (van), Garrett Stevens (portrait)

Kyra Hartigan

Kyra Hartigan