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Welcome to the Westside Christian Family 

As parents, we prayerfully consider how best to help our children develop a biblical worldview so that they can navigate the challenges of culture successfully while not compromising what they believe to be true. George Washington said, “The future of this nation depends on the youth. It’s impossible to govern without the Bible.”
We affirm that the Bible, God’s written word, is divinely inspired and is authoritative for all life, including the Christian school. Our desire is to give our students a strong foundation to become faithful believers. Education is never neutral and Christian education is a place for students to learn about the world and follow in the ways of Christ.
Our mission is to develop young people to their full potential as disciples of Jesus; young adults who love the truth, have integrity and know their gifts, having a sense of what God has placed them on this earth to do. The staff at WCHS are committed Christians who are dedicated to serving families by providing an outstanding educational experience for their children. We believe it is an honor to be called by God to work in an environment dedicated to developing the minds and hearts of young people.
To be prepared for life after high school, Christian education does not just promote personal growth. It equips young people to share God’s dynamic message of hope in every vocation to a lost generation. Students need to be academically astute, socially adept, self-starters, and self-disciplined. They need to be able to interact with a variety of people, able to engage with the world at large, self-aware but “others” focused. They need the proper balance of self-confidence and humility. They need a well-developed work ethic and an understanding of the value of service. They need to be grateful, respectful, and hungry to grow and go, do and be.
Families are finding Westside a great environment in which their children can grow and thrive. We hope as you explore what our school has to offer, you will discover what so many other families are finding: Westside Christian is an excellent choice for your child’s high school education.

Sincerely in Christ,
Michael Wenger, M.A.C.E.
Head of School