College Preparation Resources


This document is the electronic copy of the 120-page “Going to College”  guide used with Westside parents and students. Below, it is separated into 4 sections for quicker downloading and viewing

Section 1 – Entrance Exams (p. 1-22)
Section 2 – Search Process (p. 23-48)
Section 3 – Application Process (p. 49-81)
Section 4 – College Funding (p. 82-119)

Going to College Condensed Timeline (2 page summary)

WCHS Profile — This document is sent to colleges and universities with student transcripts so admissions personnel may better understand the context of our student’s course selection and grades.

SAT/ACT Information                                              Westside’s CEEB code is 380936

College Preparation Through Testing – An overview of Westside’s standardized testing program.

  • PLAN (pre-ACT) – Click to view Westside’s historical PLAN test results.
  • PSAT – Click to view Westside’s historical PSAT test results.
  • PSAT Parent Tutorial – A 2-page flyer explaining how to interpret score results.
  • SAT Test Dates for current year.
  • SAT Registration – A link to the College Board site and online registration.
  • SAT History for Westside Christian High students in comparison to State and National averages.

SAT/ACT Test Prep Providers in the Portland Area

College Search Resources

College Athletics Resources

  • NCAA Eligibility Requirements – A 4-page fact sheet which provides core course and SAT/ACT guidelines required to qualify for an athletic scholarship at an NCAA division 1 or 2 school.
  • NCAA College Bound Student Athlete – A 38-page brochure with everything you need to know about becoming an NCAA student-athlete.
  • NCAA Eligibility Center – Link to the NCAA Clearinghouse site for any student potentially competing in college athletics at an NCAA Division 1 or 2 school.

College Financing

Scholarship Sites

Need-based Aid Resources

  • FAFSA Primer – A document which explains the FAFSA in just one page.
  • FSA ID – A link to the federal site where you request a PIN used to sign the FAFSA electronically.
  • FAFSA on the Web – A link to the federal government site to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online.
  • CSS/Profile – Some colleges require submission of this form instead of the FAFSA as part of their financial aid process. This link takes you to the College Board’s Profile page.

Vocation and Calling in the Christian faith – a lengthy article published by the Theology of Work Project.