Graduation Requirements

The table below outlines the requirements for Westside Christian’s Advanced Diploma, followed by some applicable academic policies.

Graduation Requirements (26 credits)#

Bible – 4*
English – 4
Math – 3
Science – 3 (Physical Science, Biology & any 1 other)
Social Science – 3 (World History, US History, Government/Economics
Foreign Language – 2 (same language)
Additional Core Course – 1
PE – 1
Health – 1
Electives – 4

#Westside also offers a State-minimum Standard Diploma with 2 fewer credits, no Foreign Language, and no additional Core Course requirement.

*Transfer students are only required to earn Bible credits during the years they are enrolled at Westside.

Academic Policies Related to Scheduling & Graduation

  1. Advanced Diploma candidates should consider taking their “additional core” class as a third year of Foreign Language to fulfill admission requirements at some colleges. Core classes are considered to be Math, English, Science, Social Science and Foreign Language.
  2. Students may receive one full PE credit through participation on two OSAA-sanctioned sports teams at Westside or at your public school. Students will receive a grade of P, rather than A through F for this credit.   Students do not have to earn the entire credit in the same school year. If a student takes a regular PE class in the future, the credit earned through sports participation will be removed from their transcript.
  3. Students may take one credit in an online or correspondence format during their enrollment at Westside. There is not a limit on the number of classroom or “instructional” classes a student may take outside of Westside and transfer in to us.


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