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Bible 11 Students Use Their Talents to Worship God

January 08, 2020

Recently juniors in Mr. Flores’ Bible class completed an in-depth process that began with the question “How can I worship God with my talents and gifts?” and culminated with each student creating a project that identified and used these personal abilities in a worshipful way. Their final creation could be a song, artwork, or research, for example. Mr. Flores explains, “You can have a lot of abstract ideas about God, but until they’re acted upon, they remain just good thoughts. This project attempts to move the students from abstract ideas to the concrete, real world.”

Avid photographer Brooke Sprague submitted a thought-filled journal illustrated with several stunning photographs of nature. She wrote, “Our Creator has amazing, perfect attention to detail. He spoke into existence such beauty on even the most minute life-like these perfect little micro-mushrooms.” Several of her photos showcase the intricacies of mushrooms that are no bigger than a pinky fingernail.

International student Linh Truong submitted expressive manga illustrations paired with her journal. One page illustrates the many ways in which Satan tries to break our faith in God. According to Mr. Flores, work on this project prompted Linh to continue to seek an answer to the question “Do I want to follow Christ?” He added, “Linh takes a lot of this to heart. I know the Scriptures are having an impact when students are able to run with it, to journal and log their meditations. I want them to be transformed by the Word of God.”