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Sophomores Create Comic Strips Inspired by the Gospel of Matthew

January 08, 2020

Bible 10 students have been reading their Bibles and studying notes and commentaries in order to understand and take to heart Jesus’ ministry from the book of Matthew. Recently they each identified a theme from these studies and depicted it comic-book style. “I want them to visually see what Jesus did,” said Mr. Flores. “I’ll be returning these to them, and I want them to hang them up and be reminded of what Christ was doing. The more we can be reminded of that, the better opportunity we have of following in His footsteps.”

Justice Jackson submitted a strip with several cells depicting scenes where Jesus used physical touching in his ministry. Mr. Flores explains, “[Justice] chose a really good theme and carried it through the whole way, doing a good job of communicating this theme with his art, a job well done.” Mr. Flores further explained that what especially impressed him about Justice’s project was that he completed it the week that he sustained a concussion. “His resilience and desire to finish it that week really stood out. He came in during flex period and had a lot of conversations, so I know that he was thinking about it. It is a delight to have a student who comes back with questions and conversations. I really appreciate him.”