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Westside Christian High School Admission Panels 

In January, WCHS Admissions hosted a series of panels to share more about the unique opportunities at Westside Christian High school. You can access the recording to these panel discussions by contacting our Admissions office at You can also view additional videos from our faculty and staff. 
Westside Christian Overview

Hear from our Head of School, Mr. John Hynes, about the mission and values of WCHS. You will also hear from our Spiritual Life Coordinator and the Student Ministry teams, as they share about the chapel program and ways to engage with your spiritual education and discipleship at Westside. Mrs. Rose and our Student President, Evan M., will share about Westside’s community life including student leadership and student events. Our Program Directors of Athletics, Performance Arts, and Music will tell you about ways students are involved outside the classroom. This will be a 90-minute event with an opportunity to ask questions. 

Westside Christian Academics

Mr. Scott Ball, Westside Christian’s Academic Counselor and Vice Principal, will provide families with an overview on Westside’s Academics and Graduation Requirements. This will include an overview of our highly reputable concurrent credit program. Mr. Ball may be providing some updates on the planned schedule for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021. He will also review the course offerings, including electives for our students. This is a must attend for families seeking to understand Westside’s educational philosophy and approach. 

Westside Christian Student Panel

Hear from the heart of Westside Christian -- our students. Student-athletes, leaders, artists, musicians and chaplains will share their experience at Westside Christian High School. A diverse student population will be represented and this will be a great time for your future Eagle to ask questions to their future peers.

Westside Christian Parent Panel: 

Hear from the Westside Christian High School Parent community. There will be a diverse group of parents whose students joined Westside from public school, home school, and private school communities. They will share their reasons for choosing Westside and how their family has engaged in community at WCHS. This event will be a great opportunity to ask parents about Westside’s community, academics, and spiritual life.