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Students applying to Westside Christian High School from an accredited Christian school will receive a tuition discount of up to $2,000. The discount will be applied to the student’s tuition in $500 increments each year they are enrolled at Westside Christian High School. 
At Westside Christian we honor perseverance and academic excellence. Westside Christian will award two incoming freshmen a $2,000 annual scholarship. This is awarded to students who have a strong academic record, are engaged in the classroom, creative, and show leadership qualities. Merit Scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.85 GPA and good behavioral-standing while at Westside Christian High School to continue to receive the scholarship year to year.
Westside Christian High School has one $2,500 Alumni Scholarship available. This scholarship is available to an incoming freshman of a Westside Christian High School Alumni. To apply students and their parents must fill out an application. 
Applications for the Alumni and Merit Scholarships will be available on January 1, 2020, and must be completed by February 28, 2020.