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A career in higher education was not what Andrew Ledbetter originally planned to pursue after his Westside graduation. A love of technology had him pointed toward a degree, and career, in computer science. And while he did receive a college computer science degree, he paired it with another from Wheaton’s communication studies department. Andrew was a double major at Wheaton (computer science & communication) before earning his masters, and eventually Ph.D., from the University of Kansas.


Andrew, wife Jessica, and daughters Sydney and Kira

Andrew is currently a Associate Professor at TCU’s College of Communication, and teachers the following courses: Communication Theory, Social Networking Sites, Interpersonal Communication, and Quantitative Research Methods. Since questions about human beings originally drew Andrew to explore communication classes at Wheaton, it is quite appropriate that he now specializes in understanding how people use communication technology to maintain their interpersonal relationships. He has received multiple top paper awards for contributions as an active member of the National Communication Association and Central States Communication Association, in addition to co-authoring a best-selling textbook, A First Look at Communication Theory.

Andrew met and married his wife, Jessica, while at Kansas, and they have two daughters Sydney and Kira.