My Favorite Training Articles


Best all-around website:  BrianMac Sports Coach

Training Theory


Run Like an Egyptian — A pyramid scheme for organizing a training plan

Boost Your Endurance — 7 Simple plans for running farther and faster

More or Less — A 1-page summary advocating less running at higher intensity

5 Habits of Highly Effective Runners

The Perfect 4-Day Training Week

Lactate Clearing

What’s the Perfect Training Plan — 10 Principles to guide creation of a training plan

Balanced Training — Marathon focused, but applies to all distance training

13 Tips for a Faster 5K

5K Puzzle — A thorough discussion of what it takes to run your best 5K

Time for a Workout — How long does it take to benefit from a workout

Glossary of Running Terms

ABC’s of XC — A primer on almost everything related to cross country


8 Gut Busting Workouts — for 5k

Progression Runs

Speed Development — Applies to developing speed at all race distances

Winning Combos

It’s the Recovery, Stupid — Stresses the importance of recovery for improved fitness

Pete Pfitzinger’s Essential Ingredients Series

  1. Adaptation to Training
  2. Optimizing Your Mileage
  3. Long Runs
  4. Tempo Runs
  5. Hydration and Heat Management
  6. Improving Your Stride Rate
  7. Interval Sessions: Increasing Your V02 Max
  8. Pre-race Preparation: Rest, Fuel & Warm-up
  9. Developing your own training plan

Race Preparation

Get Ready to Go

Shaving Seconds

The Taper Chase — How should you taper for your big race

Running Mechanics

Why Form Matters

Nutrition and Hydration

Sipping Points


Recruiting Every Fiber — A complete discussion of the different types of muscle fibers

Fantastic Fascia

The Foot

Core Training

Best and Worst Ab Exercises

Core Considerations

Core Values:  The Workout

Cross Training/Strength Training

Wheel Benefits (Biking)

Circuit Training

One Leg at a Time and Running with One Leg — Advocates single leg workouts for runners

Strength Training for Distance Runners — a program designed by Ben Wisbey

Injury Prevention and 

Foot Drills — Six simple foot drills which will help prevent lower leg injuries.

IT Band Aid and ITB Relief — Helpful information about the often strained iliotibial band

It’s a Stretch — A discussion of the age old question about if and when to stretch

Stretching Debate Continues

On a Roll — Foam rolling guidelines

Give Me 15 and Innovative Injury Insurance — Pre and post workout routines to prevent injury

Perpetual Motion — How to minimize the occurrence of injury so training isn’t interrupted

Trouble Spots — Common running injuries and how to prevent them

Tragically Hip — Discussion of weakness in muscles around the hip and how to strengthen them

Butt it Out — Hip and glute strengthening exercises to prevent hamstring and hip injuries


Much Ado About Minimalsim — A thorough discussion of the minimalist movement in shoes

Shoe Tying — Don’t laugh, this might be helpful