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2023 Topgolf & Auction Fundraising Event

This 1st annual event was nothing short of a great day! 

The rain may have came down in sheets, but we played golf, we laughed, we ate a lot of food, but most importantly, we stayed dry. 
A special thanks to everyone who came out to support Westside for this event and we are very excited to see you at this event in 2024. 
Congratulations to the winning team - a very talented husband and wife team - the Duke and Rau families. With a score of 249, team “Swoosh Birds” are the champions of the 1st Annual Westside Christian Topgolf tournament.


Congratulations to all of the winning bids! Thank you for supporting Westside!

Thank you to all those who attended this 1st Annual Event. Save the Date for the inaugural round in 2024!