Choir wins 13th consecutive OSAA State Championship

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April has been an outstanding month for the music department at Westside Christian High School. The Concert Choir competed at the OSAA 3A 2019 State Choir Championship at Oregon State University on April 29th. Under the direction of Mr.Will Fox, the choir won its 13th consecutive State Championship. This was a huge win as schools from the coast, southern and eastern Oregon competed. Thank you to all those who went to Corvallis to support these State Champion vocalists. 

The Concert Band also qualified for the Oregon State 3A band championships this last month. With their highest qualifying scores to date, the band is positioned well to defend its state championship. Mr. Fox is very proud of the 13 students this year who make up the band-nine horn players and four percussionists. They will compete on Wednesday, May 8th at the LaSells Stewart Center on the campus of Oregon State University. 

On April 20th the select ensemble group Soli Deo Gloria performed a rendition of  Bohemian Rhapsody at the Ten Grands Concert. Michael Allen Harrison, a local professional pianist and a philanthropist, invited Soli to perform. Soli was honored to sing alongside great pianists such as Jim Brickman, Tom Grant, Michael Allen Harrison, Colleen Adent, Mac and Haley Potts, William Chapman Nyaho, Darrell Grant, Jim Nilson, Monica Ohuchi, Brendan Brewer, along with some other marvelous singers.


Parenting Seminar Series Spring 2019

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We are so excited to share that Westside Christian will host a Parent Seminar Series this month. Two speakers will be at our campus to share their expertise on current topics that are relevant to teens. This came from a survey we conducted this past fall. Based on WCHS parent feedback we have picked two topics this year and hope to grow the program next year to continue to offer relevant resources to our community. Please join us to hear these speakers for 40-minute presentations followed by Q&A forum discussions in our library. We hope to see you there!


Micah Rydmark is the Director of The Reality Project for First Image. The Reality Project teaches sexual education units at schools in the Pacific Northwest, including WCHS. This event coincides with the week Micah will be at WCHS sharing with students in health class. Micah will be sharing how to define sex and the impact of sexual behavior and pornographic content. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn how to discuss sex with your teens. Micah is a former youth pastor and holds his Bachelors in Church Leadership and a Bachelors in Youth Ministry from Multnomah University.


Jamie Harris is the CEO and Founder and Dylan Juran is the Parental Education Advisor of Satellite Gaming, a nonprofit that works with local schools and communities to create positive, bully-free, shoulder to shoulder gaming experiences. Jamie and Dylan hope to use gaming as a missional opportunity to introduce teens to Jesus Christ. They will be sharing with our families about the topic of technology and gaming and will be discussing topics such as monitoring screen time, language and content on the internet, and how to supervise teenage technological use.

There is no cost to attend these events. These seminars are for Christian parents and guardians of teens and pre-teens. Please feel free to extend the invite to your friends, neighbors, and church community. Please RSVP to one or both of these events by clicking here! 

Soli Deo Gloria wins 1st place

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Soli Deo Gloria, Westside Christian’s smaller vocal ensemble group, won 1st place in their division at the 36th Clackamas Community College Jazz Festival. This is another great accomplishment for our choir programs as they competed against other local youth vocalists! Congratulations to these talented vocalists and Mr. Fox!

You can see Soli live this spring. As they plan will be partnering with professional pianist/composer Michael Allen Harrison in his arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody for the Ten Grand Pianos and vocals. Tickets are available at

Biola President, Dr. Barry Corey

Last Thursday, Dr. Barry H. Corey, the President of Biola University, spoke to our community during Chapel on the topic of “Kindness.” Dr. Corey is the eighth President of Biola University and author of the book Love Kindness: Discover the Power of a Forgotten Christian Virtue. Dr. Corey also hosted a meet and greet with WCHS students interested in more information about Biola University during lunch and our administrative team spent some time with our Biola guests to discuss the hopes and challenges of Christian education. We are grateful for Dr. Corey and his team to visit and share with our community.


Dr. Paul Louis Metzger

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Last Thursday, WCHS hosted Dr. Paul Louis Metzger as the chapel speaker. Dr. Metzger is a Professor of Theology & Culture at Multnomah University & Seminary, Director of Multnomah University’s Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins, and Editor of Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the theology of Culture. Dr. Metger challenged the student body to live out the Beatitudes, that he said are not platitudes. “Those who have been changed from the inside out should welcome those on the outside in.” His recent book “Beatitudes, Not Platitudes”  is available now.

You can watch the trailer for Dr. Metzger’s book here.

Host an International Student

International students and their families select Westside Christian High School for a number of reasons.  They value Westside Christian’s academic excellence, small class size, extracurricular opportunities, faith, facility, and location.

This month is when international students and agencies begin contacting us, filling out applications, and undergoing Skype or on-site interviews. They are anxious about knowing where they will live and with whom.  We are looking for host families who have current students attending Westside Christian or alumni families.

Sometimes there are mid-year needs that come up and we look for families who would be willing to take a student for the second semester to finish out the year.  It can be a good way to get a shorter trial run, to see if you would want to commit to an entire year of hosting.  We are also looking for hosts for the whole duration of the 2019-2020 school year.

In the spring, we will host a preview evening that highlights the joys and challenges of being a host to an international student at Westside Christian.  We have a panel of current and past Westside host families who share their experience and field your questions.  In addition, we usually have a group of current international students who share how they have been blessed by their host families.

If you have any questions concerning how to initiate the process for being considered as a host family, please contact Don Westerberg, International Student Director, at or call him at (503) 697-4711, ext. 1232.

Note: A monthly stipend of $700/month is given to the host family to provide for room, board, and transportation for the duration of the 10 months/year.

WCHS Winter Sports Awards

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WCHS athletics’ department celebrated basketball and cheerleading season with a winter awards dinner. Thanks to Debby Mager, Mesina Lunz, Michael Wenger, and Mike and Eve McCarthy the event went smoothly.  My hope in adding the dinners was to provide a time to come together as a community. This event provided an opportunity to thank people who went above and beyond by keeping the score clock or scorebooks, teaching volunteers how to safely use the popcorn machine in the concession stand, driving teams across the state, and helping pick up trash after games.  I am thankful to all those who contributed their time and talents to make an impact on our sports teams.

My very favorite moment of the evening was at 7:20. I invariably grab the nearest person to me and say,  “listen, just listen.” I draw their attention to a community engaging in storytelling, laughing, and smiling. Each table is different, at one table a team of 14 players sitting around a table set for 8 people, longtime friends sitting together who haven’t connected for some time and new friendships that started this season.  This year’s highlight for me was when two women at two different tables, engaged in two different conversations tilt their heads back in laughter at the same time. It was quite a coincidence, but a magical moment for me.

I get nervous before the dinner starts, will anyone show up, will we run out of food (cookies yes, tacos no) and will there be people so stressed they won’t enjoy the evening.  Then I remind myself it is supposed to be fun and I am grateful to be a part of this community. I wait and watch the clock and when 7:20 comes I grab the nearest person to capture the moment with me, and I enjoy the time celebrating our teams!

Thank you WCHS community!

Rob Casteel, Athletic Director

Choir qualifies for State

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Congratulations to Mr. Fox and all of the choir students for their successful District Choir competition at Linfield College on February 20th. The choir received high enough scores from each of the three judges to qualify them to return to State in May. Way to go Eagles!

The choir praying together before the competition.

Drama Department to perform “Godspell,” Feb. 15-17

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Westside Christian High School’s Drama Department will perform a Portlandia version of the 1970s Broadway Musical, Godspell, at Alpenrose Dairy Opera House on February 15-17.

Based on the Book of Matthew, the musical uses both word and song to tell of Biblical truths about the importance and beauty of community through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

With smash hits like “Day by Day”, “By Your Side”, and “Learn Your Lessons Well”, this 2012 revival takes the original production and includes modern day twists, references, and fresh arrangements that will leave you wanting to sing along and dance to these timeless classics.

Dates and showtimes are:

  • Friday, Feb. 15, 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 16, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Sunday, Feb. 17, 2 p.m.

Godspell was originally written by American playwright John-Michael Tabelak with music composed by Stephen Schwartz, with its first off-Broadway performance in 1971. Numerous tours and shows have been produced since.

Alpenrose ice cream and other refreshments are available during intermission.  

Alpenrose Dairy Opera House is located at 6149 SW Shattuck Rd, Portland.

Admission is $12  for adults and $10 for seniors and students. Thespian Society members with I.D. cards receive $1 off admission. Content is age appropriate for middle school children and up.

Boys Basketball defeat OES

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Friday, February 1st the WCHS Eagles played the OES Aardvarks. As the final home game of the regular season, it was an exciting night in its own right. In the 4th quarter, the Eagles tied-up the game to send it into overtime. The Eagles prevailed and won 60-53. It was the most exciting game of the year and a great way to end on our home court. Congratulations to the coaches and players for an amazing performance!