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A New Westside Family Saves the Day!

Each year the calendar turns a page to August and the fall rush begins. The Welcome Back BBQ is the first big event of the year and a great way to bring new and returning students and families together to start off the year. However, a giant wrinkle was about to change everything.

Each year the planning for the fall begins over the summer and the office staff work diligently preparing the many details to start the fall smoothly and with excitement for the new year. One detail is the Back to School BBQ. In order to have a back to school BBQ, you need a BBQ. This device is essential for preparing the food and producing the wonderful smells of outdoor cooking. A giant BBQ was ordered and delivered prior to the event and everything was in order. Staff volunteers each received their assignments a few days prior and were ready to go. The BBQ staff was ready to prepare the food and get the giant BBQ roaring. One problem - the BBQ was not working.

Scott Wright, a Westside original,  has been teaching at Westside since the school opened in 1981. Scott shares that "I was on grilling duty and we had major trouble lighting the rented grill." Scott continues by stating that a “parent hearing of this problem, went out and bought a large grill with charcoal and lent it to us.  That is a sense of community and what we are working toward for WCHS." 

There are so many other stories like this that point to the Heart of Westside. If you have a story that you would like to share, please email