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The Founders of Westside Christian High School

Pictured above: Dr. John Hynes meets with Larry Lockwood and Ray Pavlik at Olive Garden in Lake Oswego

the fishing trip on Lake Wallowa

The call to action was decided on a boat one beautiful day on Lake Wallowa, a ribbon lake 1 mile south of Joseph, Oregon. 
Larry Lockwood and Ray Pavlik had dreamed, along with a few other parents of West Hills Christian School, about starting their own high school on the Westside of Portland. Meetings, discussions, and funding had occurred, but nothing had really come to fruition. Then, after a fishless outing, they made the call, let's just do this!  Forty-Two years later, here we are. One of the largest and most thriving nine through twelve evangelical Christian High Schools in the State of Oregon. I had the honor recently of taking these two to lunch and hearing all the details of how it came together. 
As we close out this Heart of Westside Giving Campaign in week seven, I feel it is appropriate to reflect upon the past and what amazing people and answered prayers made this school what it is today. For the past seven weeks, we have been bringing you stories and reflections of who we are today, but we would be remiss if we did not also pay homage to those whose shoulders we stand upon. Healthy organizations honor those who have toiled to make them who they are, and Westside is one such organization. 
For example,  upon taking the helm in the summer of 2020, I was extremely impressed with the work in progress to honor the hard work of Don Westerberg, and establish the Library as the Don Westerberg Library. I have had the pleasure of meeting Don on many occasions, and I can see first hand how this godly man's prayers and dedication helped build this school into what it is today. I'm so pleased to honor this. And of course, I will never forget the dedication service for the late Keith Lucas. What a gifted leader; I am humbled to serve in the very position he held for many years in the early days of this school. 
There is still time to make your gift to the Heart of Westside Campaign for the 2022 tax year. I ask that if you have not yet done so, please consider making a gift to this amazing school so that solid, orthodox, Christ-centered education might be available to many who would not otherwise be able to afford it. You might even consider making a donation in the name of one of these past heroes who built this school. 
I would like to announce the establishment of our first annual Founders Day. This will be a day where we honor individuals on a yearly basis who have made this school what it is. This spring, we will be bringing Ray Pavlik and Larry Lockwood to our campus to  honor them in front of the entire student body, as well as presenting a brief reflection and honoring of the work of Larry Lockwood. We will share the story about the boat trip and how it all came together. This will be a time of honor and praise, as it is an example of how God answers prayer and walks alongside the faithful. We will also be establishing Founders Hall, which will be an area on campus for students to see for many years to come who Christ used to make this school a reality. Details of this day will follow.
May Christ bless you richly this new year. Thank you for your prayers and sacrifices for Westside Christian High School. None of this would be possible were it not for your partnership and generosity. Humbly, I thank you for your support of me and the position God has put me in to lead this school. We have some amazing years ahead, of that I am convinced. Yet, may everything we do, say, build, guide, and honor be completely for the Kingdom of God and His glory alone. With you all, we can begin to make an impact in this city like none other.
Happy New Year,
Dr. John Hynes.