Help Create New Stories


Each year 15 – 20% of Westside students rely upon financial aid partners to help them bridge the gap so they can attend Westside. Your investment in tomorrow’s servant leaders, no matter how great or small, makes a difference.

These funds help create new stories – stories of significance and purpose. Here are two such stories…

Enric Sifa – class of 2011

Your gifts blessed Enric Sifa with an education and community.

Enric has already seen more pain and suffering than most people see in a lifetime. In 1994 Enric was one of the few survivors of the mindless slaughter in Rwanda. Unfortunately, his parents weren’t as fortunate.

For six long years, Enric fended for himself as a street kid in Rwanda. Finally, as a young teen he was rescued by members of a local church and he jumpstarted his education while pursuing his passion for music.

Through the assistance of African New Life Ministries, Enric’s music was brought to the United States. While on tour, Enric met the staff and students at Westside where he captured our hearts. As a result, our community reached out to provide the financial assistance needed for Enric to finish his schooling here. He has been an incredible inspiration to other Westside students.

Race Clark – class of 2005

Family circumstances can change in a heartbeat. Just ask 2005 grad, Race Clark. When he was in third grade, his family lost their business and all four kids were transferred to public school.

Immediately, Race was befriended by the “worst kid in class”. In two short weeks this unhealthy friendship began to impact Race’s heart. “I have no doubt my life would have taken a very different path if God had not put a hedge of protection around me,” stated Race.

Responding to God’s calling, an anonymous donor intervened generously paid Race’s tuition so he could return to a Christian environment. Not just for 3rd grade, but all the way through four years at Westside.

“I knew someone was making an incredible investment in me, so I was determined to make something of my life. I had a reason to succeed and that propelled me to make good decisions.”

Recognizing his gift with numbers, Race graduated from OSU in 2009 with a construction engineering degree and recently obtained a job with Hoffman Construction.

Race is more than just honoring an investment, he is honoring God with his life choices.


Enric and Race are just two of the many students who have experienced a significant transformation in their lives due to their Westside experience. Our goal is to continue to provide the resources and experiences that help all of our students develop the skills to be successful in college and life while they begin to discover their purpose — in the classroom, on the field, on stage, in the workforce, or even thousands of miles away.