International Students

Westside Christian High School is currently accepting international students’ applications for the 2019-2020 school year.  Westside processes many of our international applications through two CSIET-listed agencies:

  •  Private School Exchange (website: – If you are interested in applying through PSE for international admission, please contact Kellen Rhodes with Private School Exchange at 503.222.9803 or
  •  AmeriStudent (website: – If you are interested in applying through AmeriStudent, please contact Eric Jan with AmeriStudent  at  877.385.8425 or

In addition, there are other agencies that have sponsored some students in the past.  If you are currently linked with another agency you may contact us to determine whether you may apply through them.  If you have any questions about Westside, contact our International Student Program Director, Don Westerberg, at 503.697.4711 ext. 1232 or


International students should submit their entire application through PSE before our admission team will consider them for admission. The entire application should be completed in English, including school records. Once we have a completed application, we will contact you regarding admissions.


Westside Christian High School is a non-denominational high school. The philosophy of the school is distinctly Christian and is Biblically based. All WCHS students are required to take Bible class and attend Chapel. Students will be living with a Christian host family and will be expected to attend church and church activities with their family.


International students needing a host family will typically be placed with a Christian family from our Westside community. The host family will provide food, household amenities, sleeping quarters, and transportation to and from school and school events. Students will be expected to conform to the rules established by the host family.


The application and international registration fee must be paid in full before Westside will issue an I-20. There are two payment options, annual or semester. With either option complete payment must be made before the student may begin attending classes. Please inquire about International Fees and Expenses. Students will be expected to provide transportation to and from the United States. Students will be expected to pay for such things as school trips, materials for class, gifts, clothing, travel, entertainment, etc. Host families will only be responsible to provide for housing, regular meals, and transportation to and from school and school events.


Students will have to show that they have health/medical and liability insurance coverage before they can attend classes.


Students should arrive in Portland a week before the first day of school. Travel arrangements should be communicated to the School Counselor or International Student Program Director.


WCHS will provide a fixed number of tutoring hours for international students, to be determined at the beginning of each year.


We are currently looking for host families for the current school year.