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Lydia Povolny – Senior Leadership Project

Beginning in the first semester of their Senior year, students embark on the process of researching a topic for their Senior Bible Leadership Project. This summer we will be highlighting the great work from a number of our recently graduated seniors.

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“My project was with Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand, a place I am very passionate about. I have been twice before, but because it is so expensive, I could not return for my project. Instead, I got to set up a Facebook page to find sponsors for the new kids at the home, type up informational letters about those same new kids, run a beginners English book drive, and make a video of WCHS for them so that they feel loved and remembered.

My purpose was to give these kids three things: opportunity, remembrance and through both of these, love. Having a sponsor is a huge deal because it is a second chance at life for many who came off the streets or out of orphanages. Being literate in English is also a huge opportunity for them to get jobs and carry out their dreams, such as being teachers or tour guides. Through the video, I hoped that they would feel remembered and cared for. The message was, “we get to come visit you and see pictures and videos, but you never get to see us, so welcome to Westside!” I inserted videos of students that have been to Grace Ministries recently so that the Thai kids would know that we are thinking of them. Through it all, I loved them and the service I got to provide and I hoped this carried over to them. I really love them and it was a wonderful opportunity to care and serve them.”