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Rachel Nordlund – Senior Leadership Project

Beginning in the first semester of their Senior year, students embark on the process of researching a topic for their Senior Bible Leadership Project. This summer we will be highlighting the great work from a number of our recently graduated seniors.

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“My Senior Leadership Project was focused on loneliness and the elderly. Loneliness is a big problem in America and especially in the elderly. Many of them go for a month without seeing another human being! This really saddened me and I knew I wanted to do something to help. I found Evlyn Turner, a 99 year old woman living in Sherwood. I visited her once every week and helped her make a picture book for her daughters of their family history. One week I knocked on the door of her home and found she wasn’t there. I was worried something had happened to her and so I checked with the neighbors and found she had fallen and broken her hip. I visited Evlyn in rehab for two weeks and then helped her move to her new home at Tualatin Marquis Assisted Living. She is doing well now and is learning how to live in a new environment. I truly love my relationship with her and have continued to visit her throughout this summer leading up to college. She is an amazing woman, and I feel honored and blessed by God to be able to be friends with her. God is so good!!!”