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Ball, Scott


Administration - Director of Academic Services/Guidance Counselor, Cross Country Coach, Track and Field Coach

Scott Ball serves as the School Counselor and head coach in Cross Country and Track & Field. He taught for 8 years in the Hillsboro School District prior to coming to Westside in 1995. He holds BA and BS degrees in Social Studies Education and Business along with a Master’s in School Counseling from George Fox University.

Brasseur, Jauhn



Jauhn Brasseur is a Science and Technology enthusiast teaching Computer Programming, Robotic and Palenontology (dinosaur fossil) classes. After a 32 year career in cutting edge high tech computer hardware and software development at Intel, it seems a natural next step to share these learnings with the next generation of budding engineers and scientists. Along with having degrees in both Engineering and Geology, Jauhn has worked as a builder and has other passions including dinosaurs, soccer, music, raising kids, and exploration. Jauhn is also an avid history and archeology buff.

Teaching has been a part of Jauhn’s life for many years, beginning with job training in industry, teaching in church, talks to college groups and local clubs and leading Geology and Paleontology field trips. He also leads dinosaur fossil expeditions each summer providing intensive hands-on training for crew members, teenage through adult.