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Acid Base Titration Lab

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Westside students recently completed an Acid / Base Titration Lab in Chemistry. The students were using a 0.2M acid in order to determine the strength of a basic solution made from magnesium hydroxide. This is accomplished with the use of an indicator which changes color when all the base has been neutralized. Ultimately, they will use their results to determine how many moles of stomach acid can be neutralized with one dose of the medicine.

Our students look great in goggles and other assorted lab gear!

Take your (lab) stations!

Take your (lab) stations!

Titration Lab

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In Mrs. Ivans’ chemistry class, students had some hands on experience with titration of acids and bases, take a look at some action shots below!


Christopher Tento & Clara Adams ‘mixing it up’



Rachel Kline with pink-tinted titration lab flask



Measuring, precisely