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Westside Christian High School Expands Concurrent College Credit Program

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Lake Oswego, Ore. — June 24, 2013 —


Westside Christian High School (WCHS) recently announced a partnership with Warner Pacific College (WPC) to roll out the Westside Jump Year Program, an expanded concurrent enrollment program to facilitate the awarding of college credit for WCHS students beginning with the 2013-14 school year.  In addition to an existing concurrent college credit course offered at the high school, WCHS is committed to adding/converting at least two more college level core courses per year to the high school offering. Within the next four years Westside plans to offer the equivalent of one year’s worth of college course work for college credit provided by WPC.

“We see this as a huge advantage for our students and their families,” said Andy Sears, Westside Christian High School President. “This program will allow students who are looking to get a jump start on college to do so. Studies show that students who enter college with credit are more likely to complete a college degree. If they take full advantage of the program, they could complete their undergraduate studies up to a year early and save tens of thousands of dollars. For some students it might also mean they can opt to double major or pick up a minor and still get done in four years.  Others might use it as a way to accelerate their undergraduate studies and begin a masters degree sooner.”

WPC faculty member(s) will assist the teacher(s) of the WCHS courses in construction of the course syllabi in order to align the learning objectives, activities, assignments, and assessment to comparable WPC courses. For the most part, the courses selected for incorporation into this concurrent credit program will be core classes that many colleges and universities would require of their students.

At the successful completion of the course, college credit will be awarded in accordance to WPC/WCHS criteria. The credit will appear on a standard WPC transcript and will be transferable to any institution that accepts WPC credits.

“Earning concurrent college credit is actually much better than earning a passing score on an AP exam,” said Scott Ball, WCHS Academic Dean. “Universities across the country have varying policies about acceptance of AP scores. Most, however, accept college transfer credits. Our plan is to ensure that these courses are core classes, not elective classes that may or may not help students reduce their college expense.” Westside still plans to offer 8-10 AP courses each year for those who prefer to go that route to earning possible college credits.

The two educational institutions are also exploring the possibility of WPC offering undergraduate courses that WCHS cannot provide in partnership with WPC during the school day that both WCHS and WPC students could take. This would further enhance the benefits of this unique partnership to Westside students.

Founded in 1981, Westside Christian High School aspires to be an extraordinary college prep high school in the greater Portland area with the heart and soul of Christ. Westside staff members help students discover their passions and purpose while equipping them to excel academically. Servant leadership training is integrated throughout the curriculum to provide students with the opportunity to discover ways to share their gifts in tangible ways with others. Families interested in learning more about Westside Christian High School or desiring to view architectural renderings of the new site are invited to contact Admissions Director, Brett Meyers at 503.697.4711 or visit www.wchsonline.org.