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Westside in Thailand 2016

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What a wonderful Lord’s day at Grace Ministries. John Flores and a mixed team of Thai and WCHS students led worship, Reece Hupfer and Kerri Collins gave testimonies, and Dr. Miller spoke at this morning’s service. The presence of the Lord was sweet and powerful. Charles gave an “altar call” at the end of the service and 8 Thai students responded, with two making first time commitments to the Lord. We were greatly rejoicing.

There was also a slideshow of Charles and Yokie’s son David, who will be leaving Grace with the Westside team and flying home to Ireland, where he will take up residence. It was a special time of remembering all of David’s years at Grace Ministries, as the powerpoint chronicled his life at Grace, from the time he was a very little boy to now (age 25).

After the service we ate a delicious fried rice lunch, and then had some time to re-pack suitcases and do a pre-cleaning of our rooms. Many of the kids took one last trip down to 7/11, napped, and, of course, played games with the Thai students. Tonight we had an AMAZING buffet dinner of barbecued chicken, barbecued skewers, papaya salad, sticky rice, and a dessert bar  Thai style. It was amazingly delicious! And what happened just at the end of the meal? The skies opened up with a deluge! At first only a few brave kids danced around outside, but their enthusiasm was infectious, and in five or ten minutes, Thai and American kids alike were pulling each other into the rainstorm, throwing water on one another, and just having a blast as the skies gave us one last great rainstorm here in Krasang. It was such a blessing and SO MUCH FUN!

The fabulous meal and the rainstorm all brought some much-needed distraction to our inevitable departure. Our WCHS kids have poured themselves out here in loving the Thai students, incredible bonds have been made, and tomorrow will surely bring many tearful goodbyes. Pray for your children that they would be able to say goodbye and not experience too much sadness in the separation. Our time here has been very impacting.


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A BBQ feast!



Rejoicing in the rain.