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Officer Rinnell at WCHS

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Officer Rinnell is the School Resource Officer for all Tigard and Tualatin schools (public and private) and this week is speaking with Westside students about her experience as an SRO for the last 10 years. She is presenting in all of the Health classes about how teens can avoid using substances, and why they should. During her time with our Westside students she will share from her experience in teen substance abuse and addiction, how to tell if a friend is using substances and/or under the influence, and who to talk to if you are concerned about a friend and need more information.



Westside’s Student Resource Officer



First period Health



Health Final

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For their health final, students were asked to make a health-advocacy Public Service Announcement that demonstrated knowledge about a lifestyle related disease. Students could choose to create their project in a way that was interesting to them, as well as choose their more specific topic.

Take a look at one well done student PSA on Obesity