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Fall Fest

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2018 Seniors, Kellen Peterson and Eva Lammers were crowned Fall Fest King and Queen.

Students celebrated with spirit this week leading up to their annual Fall Fest at The Maize on Sauvie’s Island.

From dressing up in costumes to wearing all black to cheer on the volleyball team to their victorious win against Riverdale, and donning their flannel for the evening of line dancing, students were in the spirit of Fall.

On Wednesday night, Westside students enjoyed line dancing, walking through the corn maze, painting pumpkins, and enjoying a bonfire together. The Fall Fest King, Kellen Peterson, and Queen, Eva Lammers also received their pumpkin crowns.


Christmas Concert: Silent Night

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Current students and WCHS alum sing together at the Silent Night Christmas Concert.

Current students and WCHS alum sing together at the Silent Night Christmas Concert.

Monday night our music students provided a wonderful kick off to the Christmas Season. The Choir, Soli Deo Gloria, Concert Band, and soloist blessed the audience with traditional and contemporary pieces, celebrating the coming of Christ to the earth. Many alumni joined the Choir in their traditional musical finale of Messiah Has Come and Let Us Adore.

Thanks to Mr. Fox and all of the students for serving us such a special evening!


WCHS Choir & Choir Alum

WCHS Choir & Choir Alum

Cultural Gala: April 24

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This coming Monday, April 24th from 7:00-9:00pm, Westside will host its first ever International Cultural Gala. It is a chance to see and hear our 36 international students from 7 different countries tell their stories and share their cultures with us in a special way.

Come sample some of their favorite foods, see demonstrations of some of their favorite art forms, hear them be interviewed about their passions and dreams. Some will share how school is different in their country than in the United States. You can come for all of it or just a little, but please come and join in the fun. You won’t want to miss it!

cultural gala

Cultural Gala

Live Salted Breakfast

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On Saturday (2/18) A Jesus Youth held a breakfast that Westside’s Student Body President Kate Pitcher organized for middle and high school aged girls. Krista Hengesh and Brooklyn Wagner from Live Salted Ministries came and spoke to over 70 young women about their identity and value in the Kingdom of God. After the guest speakers shared, the girls were led through a response time and activity about realizing their identity in Jesus, and then given the opportunity to discuss. The impact for all of the girls was pronounced, and it was a great time of creating new friendships and encouraging one another in faith.



Kate Pitcher and crew.



Talk time together.

Choir at OMEA

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Westside Christian High School’s Concert Choir will do their Guest Performance this Friday, Jan. 13th at 4:00 p.m. at the Oregon Music Educators Association All-State Conference in Eugene. The choir will perform at Beall Hall on the University of Oregon campus. Please be in prayer during this wintery week for the choir’s safe trip and for a God-honoring and inspiring performance at OMEA.



The Great Pumpkin Chase

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For the past 16 years, Cross Country Coach Mr. Ball has organized a running scavenger hunt open to everyone in the school. This year Senior Nat Gurnee & Junior Kenny Pratt, both members of the XC team, took first place.

Best costume: Mrs. Little

Cutest participant: Baby Charlie Witkowski

Candy recipients: Everyone!


Pumpkin Chase Champions!



Post Race Smiles



Youngest participant in history!



Mrs. Little won ‘Best Costume!’


Spring Choir Concert!

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Westside’s State Championship winning choir sweetly serenaded the community last night at the Spring Choir Concert. A few shots from the memorable (and melodic!) evening below.



Mr. Fox introducing the evening.


The show begins.


Christopher Cervetto, Daniel Mumaw, James Gardner, Nathan Andrews, and Reece Hupfer.


Mia Cywinski rockin’ the mic.


Soli Deo Gloria.


Wide angle, sound & surround.


Welcome Baby W!!

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Westside’s Mrs. W & her husband Andrew welcomed adorable Charlotte Ann Witkowski, affectionately known as Charlie, this last week.

From Mrs. W: We’re doing really well! Charlie is 1 week old, loves to sleep and eat and keep mommy up by the hour at night…Such a transition for us but we’re trying to be flexible. Andrew and I love being new parents.


Baby Witkowski



Mom & Little Charlie

Banquet Court 2016

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Introducing your 2016 Banquet Court!


WCHS Banquet Court 2016!



Freshmen Prince Joshua Ramirez & Freshmen Princess Lily Devine



Sophomore Prince Michael Thatcher & Sophomore Princess Abbie Nieuwstraten



Junior Prince Marcelino Soberanis & Junior Princess Annalise Lau



Senior Princess Katy Warren & Senior Spencer Reed



Senior Prince Hunter Reed & Nikki Leighton



Senior Prince Max Swaim & Senior Princess Gabi Lorenzo



Senior Banquet Court 2016!