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Welcome Jason Normansen

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Jason Normansen

Jason Normansen

Mr. Normansen will be teaching French (1 & 2) and Spanish (1 & 2).

My name is Jason Normansen, and I’m from Eugene, OR but have lived in Portland for the last 7 years. I am married to my wonderful wife, Kristin, and we love being the parents of a new baby boy named Leif, who was born in June.

For hobbies, I enjoy reading, cooking, and playing guitar and piano. I also really enjoy languages, and can often be overheard asking someone how to say something in their native langue. As a family, we also like going to the river and the beach as often as we can. One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Peter 4:8: “And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.”

Spanish 1

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In Ms. Tosti’s Spanish 1 class, learning vocabulary terms (up, above, under, next to, behind, etc.) turned into a fun kinesthetic class activity. When reviewing vocabulary on a Monday morning, movement is a must!








To support…



On top of…

Spanish: Guess Who?

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Spanish 1 students are currently studying vocabulary for body parts and colors and are playing Guess Who? to practice their speaking, listening, sentence structure.

Guess who…


has brown hair,



…blue eyes, and a green hat!


Westside Hosts Organic World Language Training

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Westside’s World Languages department hosted a 2-day Organic World Language (OWL) training.  Teachers from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Texas gathered to learn and collaborate on creating an engaging and student-centered classroom that focuses on proficiency.  Major topics included creating proficiency-based assessments, pushing students to their next proficiency level, and using authentic resources to build literacy.  It’s been an informative and fun time for all.

Organic World Language (OWL) training



Kinesthetic teacher training!

Spanish: Flash Mob

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The Spanish 3 classes spearheaded a flashmob at lunch today – a Wii U video to a song in Spanish – ‘Limbo.’  They were joined by Spanish 2 and 4 students, who also love doing this exercise video.  Spanish dance videos are great for learning vocabulary and incorporating movement into the school day.


A lunchtime flash mob!


Breakin’ it down.


YouTube workout, Spanish style.



WCHS Happenings: Spanish

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Spanish 1 classes are presently learning about life in Spanish-speaking countries. In particular, foods, holidays and the general culture. In the past month two guest speakers have visited to talk about living in Spanish-speaking countries and their traditional foods.  The class is also working on conjugating new verbs, with didactic games often getting students up and out of their seat during class.

Below a few captured shots of ball pass hot seat as students test prep.


Once caught, on the spot


Pass prep


A full follow through


The casual ‘wrist flip’


Quiz ball approcaching its final destination