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Physics: Robot Battles

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Today, the AP Physics and Conceptual Physics classes competed in a VEX Robotics competition. The object of the game is to move different shaped objects with a robot and place them in your opponent’s area. Different shapes earn different point totals.

Each team spends approximately a week devising strategy on how they want to score points, a conceptual phase. Next, each team translate their “product strategy” into a robotics design with the correct mix of functionality. At least one part of their robot is designed from scratch, modeled in CAD and printed on a 3D printer.

The project teaches students the basics steps in product development and culminates in a fun-filled competition that tests their design strategies.

Let the games begin!

Robo 4

The robot’s playing field


Robo 1

The “Destroyer”


Robo 5

James Gardner on the controls


Robo 3

Up, over, and in!


Robo 2

Robot stalemate

Anatomy: Cat Dissections

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Anatomy & Physiology students finished their last cat dissection of the year today, working in the heart and lungs. Students also got to inflate pig lungs and dissect a pig heart. Pictures below, but not for the faint of heart!


Sophomores Alexis Rodriguez, Kelsey Moore, and Gabrielle Lau with heart in hand.



Jordan Jun inflating the lungs.



Danielle Hillenbrand, Allison Sloop, Laura Madison, Alannah Carr, and Hannah Dugan.



A once beating heart.

WCHS Happenings: Comparative Anatomy

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Students did a little comparative anatomy in AP biology this week.  The class observed a variety of animal skulls, from a tiny hedgehog to an orangutan, to a nile crocodile skull.  They brainstormed a list of traits that could be used to differentiate the skulls into different groups (ex. Prominant cranial ridge, eye socket location, snout length, presence of canine teeth).  This activity was used as an introduction to cladograms, which show relationships between different types of organisms.



Skull sleuths



Skull science show-and-tell!



Kerri, crocodiles are carnivores.