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International Teaching

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This summer, my wife and I, along with Leif, our 1-year-old baby boy, will be spending 40 days in Valencia, Spain. I’ve been given the opportunity to complete an international teaching practicum at an English language school located in the heart of this beautiful Mediterranean beach town.

We are so looking forward to our time together there, especially with our boy! In our free time, we will be exploring the old medieval parts of town and sampling the tapas and paellas the city is famous for. Of course, we will seek out the beach as often as possible and spend time swimming in the warm sea and relaxing in the sun.

My wife and I have held Spain as very special to both of us for many years. It’s where we fell in love and where we later honeymooned. It’s where I became fluent in Spanish and where I watched God grow a deep love for the Spaniards within me. We can’t wait to bring our boy into all of this with us.

A summer in Spain!

A summer in Spain!

This time in Spain with be a blessing for my family at home, but I’ve begun to pay attention to the many ways that it will also be a blessing for my Westside family. Among such, I anticipate that my students in the fall will benefit from my reinvigorated passion for Spanish-speaking peoples – a passion which will color our class time together and which may even be passed on to them. In addition, my own language skills will be sharpened and my fluency deepened, enhancing the collection of talents and abilities among the staff at Westside and so also enhancing our prestige as a school.

I look forward to sharing the stories and pictures from our European adventure with my classes in the fall. I’m sure there will also be others with travel stories to share. In sharing, I know that God will work on our hearts to grow them in our capacity for love toward people of other lands and languages – towards peoples that he loves as much as he does the folks in our own communities here at home.

Teacher Travels: Mr. Trine

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Westside’s Mr. Trine spent time in the UK recently, and his travels and tours will no doubt provide inspiration for both his english and history classes next year.

Enjoy a few pics from the Trine’s travels below.



Old town Scotland, where most buildings were built before the U.S.A. was even a thought.



The Tower of London courtyard, a fascinatingly historical place.



The White Tower, built in 1070’s by William the Conqueror.



The Tower Bridge, built in 1886.



This year is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. I was lucky enough to get to attend his (rebuilt because it burned down once) Globe Theater in London.



From the standing yard – where you can get so close the actors can, and sometimes do, spit on you. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” – As You Like It, Shakespeare