The Arts

At Westside we work to awaken creativity in every student, and to push them not only to appreciate music, art, and theatre, but also to try their hand at one of the creative arts. Discovering unique God-given talents can unlock our imagination and stir us to pause, think, and reflect.

Westside offers a variety of opportunities for students to be involved in two full-length productions each year. Westside is also blessed with a top-notch choir that has won numerous State Championships, and repeatedly been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. Additional music offerings include a smaller vocal ensemble (Soli Deo Gloria) , a worship band (Ignite), and the ever-popular WCHS Drumline.

Three levels of visual arts are offered, encouraging artistic exploration through various techniques and media. Our art faculty is noted for challenging students to distinctive achievements. The Westside community looks forward to viewing the students’ work when it is showcased twice a year.

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