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Sculpture Art is taking over the Library! Advanced Art Students created a variety of unique and colorful sculpture projects using clay, plastic, acrylic paint, and spray paint. “Sculpture is a challenging art form to create because it forces the student artist to move from a flat, two-dimensional creation process to considering the artwork from all sides,” Mrs. Witkowski.

Highlights from the display include a variety of ceramic candle holders with unique designs, glazed with bright colors and abstract plastic sculptures that represent an emotion through the elements of shape and color.


Candle holders

Ceramic candle holders fresh out of the kiln.


Abstract Emotion Sculptures

WCHS student creations.



Hayden Hupfer, Senior, Emotion: Anger/Rage



Faith Martin, Senior, Emotion: Shy, hesitant, timid



Julia Yusem, Junior, Ceramic Candle Holder



Haley Sprague, Sophomore, Ceramic Candle Holder