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Last week a group of Westside students participated in Junior Achievement’s Stock Market Challenge, with one of the three Westside teams, comprised of Chris Tento, Will Geib, Abbie Nieuwstraten, Wyatt Lewis, and Reece Hupfer, capturing 1st place. This is the 2nd time in 4 years that a Westside team has won the event.

Abbie Nieuwstraten, Reece Hupfer, Chris Tento, Wyatt Lewis, and Will Geib

Abbie Nieuwstraten, Reece Hupfer, Chris Tento, Wyatt Lewis, and Will Geib

Junior Achievement explains their Stock Market Challenge as “an opportunity for students to learn valuable lessons in personal finance and investments. At the JA Stock Market Challenge, teams of four to five students start with $1,000,000 in fictitious funds to buy stock in mock companies. Once the opening bell rings on our Stock Market trading floor, the market opens and every 90 seconds represents a complete trading day. Over the next two hours (representing 60 trading days), students must work together and think on their feet, applying the concepts they learned in the classroom, as they compete to build the highest net worth portfolio. Teams must determine the effect market occurrences and current trading will have on stock prices, compete for the attention of floor traders, and track the performance of their stocks on three jumbo screens. The team with the highest Net Worth Portfolio at the end of 60 “trading days” will be crowned the Stock Market Champion.”

There were 64 total teams who participated, and all three Westside groups beat all other high schools by 25 %. The members of the two other teams were: Brittney Martin, Ali Mills, Danielle Simmons, Rachel Kline, Taylor Ranslow, Simon Griffin, Abe Ahn, Joe Zhao and Yuke Li.

Great work Eagle traders!