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WCHS athletics’ department celebrated basketball and cheerleading season with a winter awards dinner. Thanks to Debby Mager, Mesina Lunz, Michael Wenger, and Mike and Eve McCarthy the event went smoothly.  My hope in adding the dinners was to provide a time to come together as a community. This event provided an opportunity to thank people who went above and beyond by keeping the score clock or scorebooks, teaching volunteers how to safely use the popcorn machine in the concession stand, driving teams across the state, and helping pick up trash after games.  I am thankful to all those who contributed their time and talents to make an impact on our sports teams.

My very favorite moment of the evening was at 7:20. I invariably grab the nearest person to me and say,  “listen, just listen.” I draw their attention to a community engaging in storytelling, laughing, and smiling. Each table is different, at one table a team of 14 players sitting around a table set for 8 people, longtime friends sitting together who haven’t connected for some time and new friendships that started this season.  This year’s highlight for me was when two women at two different tables, engaged in two different conversations tilt their heads back in laughter at the same time. It was quite a coincidence, but a magical moment for me.

I get nervous before the dinner starts, will anyone show up, will we run out of food (cookies yes, tacos no) and will there be people so stressed they won’t enjoy the evening.  Then I remind myself it is supposed to be fun and I am grateful to be a part of this community. I wait and watch the clock and when 7:20 comes I grab the nearest person to capture the moment with me, and I enjoy the time celebrating our teams!

Thank you WCHS community!

Rob Casteel, Athletic Director