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Below a bit about Carrie Adams, our new Bible 9 & 12 teacher. Welcome Carrie!

Carrie Adams is a local girl whose explorations led her back to the place that she started from: she grew up in Beaverton, Oregon and graduated from Hope Christian in Aloha. Dr. Debbie Miller was her English teacher and profoundly influenced Carrie, remaining in her memory as the first teacher who really spoke into her life.

Carrie’s mother, Gwyn Pitts, works at West Hills as an Educational Tutor. Carrie’s younger sisters, Aimee and Shauna Pitts, graduated from Westside in ‘98 and ‘01. Carrie is married to Jeff Adams and they have two children: Gabriel, 8, Isabelle, 5. Gabriel loves soccer; Isabelle loves gymnastics; Jeff loves the Oregon Ducks. Carrie and Jeff met after Carrie attended the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) School of Biblical Studies in Lakeside, MT where she inductively studied the entire Bible for nine months.

Together Jeff and Carrie traveled to English L’Abri in 2008, living in Hampshire for six months before joining the ministry of L’Abri Fellowship on Bowen Island, Canada. L’Abri is a ministry of hospitality which offers spiritual prodigals a place to come and stay and learn. It functions as a study center, offering lectures, tutoring, film discussions, and engagement on all matters of faith and culture in a context of apologetics. Upon returning home from this mission field with two young children, Carrie returned to teaching, taking a position in Newberg, Oregon. She loves the Word of God, loves teaching, loves high schoolers, and loves learning. She plans to have completed her Masters of Christian Leadership (MACL) from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2021.

Isabelle, Jeff, Carrie, and Gabriel

Isabelle, Jeff, Carrie, and Gabriel