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To finish our trek through Buddhism we ventured off campus to meet with a Buddhist at Maitripa College in Portland. While we were there, Buddhist adherent Leigh Miller shared her knowledge and experience in the Buddhist tradition. Our Westside students did a wonderful job being both attentive to Leigh’s presentation and quizzical about the tradition in general.

The main goal of this field trip was simply to learn to listen to our religious neighbor, that is, building sympathetic concern for others. Because of this field trip our students have not only been able to study about Buddhism in the classroom, but also witness firsthand the ways and practices of a Buddhist. It is very important for Christians of the next generation to be equipped with not only the head knowledge about a religious tradition, but also be provided with the opportunity to understand the reasons behind why someone practices a different religion. We believe this is especially important before our students head off to college where they will interact and engage with all sorts of various religions first hand. Like Paul says in Ephesians, our heart is to equip the Westside saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ (4:12).