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Exceptional Education

Westside Christian High School provides an exceptional education to our students. More than 95% of our teachers have a master’s degree and/or their teaching credential.
Westside Christian provides high-end college prep academics enhanced by our Concurrent College Credit Program and AP courses. WCHS Student's SAT scores are consistently among the highest in the state and on average 95% or more of each Westside graduating class is college-bound.
Recent graduates have attended such prestigious universities as West Point, Vanderbilt, Pepperdine, USC, Biola, Baylor, Wheaton, and the Naval Academy.
In our classes, teachers encourage, disciple and share Christian worldviews with their students in hopes that Westside Christian High School graduates will make an impact on the world for Christ. 
For more information regarding Academic Planning and College Prep contact Scott Ball, Director of Guidance Counseling,