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Spiritual Life 

God desires a whole-life commitment from this generation — a commitment to be tomorrow’s leaders, aware of their purpose and determined to change the world. Beyond providing an outstanding high school education, we affirm Romans 12:2. God must transform our students from the inside out in all they know, all they feel, and all they do. 
ROMANS 12:2 (NKJV) And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.


Previous Chapel Speakers

Previous Chapels


April 23, 2020 | Stan Freitas,  Pastor of Hope Christian Church in Paradise, CA 

Stan Freitas was our guest chapel speaker. He is currently the Pastor of Hope Christian Church in Paradise, CA. In November 2018, the physical church was destroyed in the Camp Fire. The spirit of Hope Christian Church has never wavered. 
Stan entitled his talk for Westside Christian's chapel, "Be Who You Were Made to Be." He spoke about finding yourself in God and how God uses our skills and passions to make each of us unique. 
Stan is a long-time friend of Mr. Fox who was his Associate Pastor. Mr. Fox shares, “I'll never forget Stan's fervor as an evangelist, nor his passionate preaching. He has remained a faithful steadfast friend all these years, and our ministry together was one of the highlights of my life.”  


April 17, 2020 | Cultural Gala Chapel

In lieu of the annual cultural gala, in which our international students share about their home countries through cuisine, music, sports, clothing and more, WCHS international students hosted April 16th chapel and sharing about the current pandemic as students who live far from home. 
This event highlighted four different International students. Roger C. and Nhu L. shared some of their key feelings and memories as international seniors. Vivian H. shared about the love and blessing of her host family in this time, when she is not surrounded by her biological family.  Yilin C.  interviewed her Dad, a Beijing doctor. He shared about the current situation in China and his feelings as a parent of an International student who is far away from him at this time.  
Thank you to all these students and Mr. Westerberg for sharing. We look forward to the future cultural galas.
For more information about our International Student Program, please contact Don Westerberg

Faith and Science Forum 

Recently Dr. Paul Metzger,  Multnomah University professor and founder of New Wine, New Wineskins moderated a faith and science forum at Westside Christian High School. The forum featured Dr. Sarah Petke Gall and Dr. Jason Stuckey of Multnomah University, Mrs. Angela Little of Westside Christian High School, and Mr. Derrick Peterson, a Multnomah University & Multnomah Biblical Seminary graduate. 

You can watch the forum here:

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