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International Students at WCHS

Westside Christian High School is currently accepting international students’ applications for the 2022-2023 school year. 
International students enjoying the evening at the 2019 Spring Sadie Hawkins event.
Student from Japan in the WCHS library
International Students at the Annual Cultural Gala
International students, Mercy and Gladys, at the Cultural Gala
Westside Christian High School Graduation 2019
Italian student and his parents before Graduation
International Student and Track Athlete, Yuke
2019 Choir Competition
Westside Christian's production of
International Admissions Process
There are three steps in the admissions process.
  1. Click here to applyImportant - select the International Student Application from the drop down menu when you start your application. This step must be completed before your student is considered for admission to WCHS.
    • Application must be completed in English
    • School records must be received in English
    • Character and Teacher References must be received in English
  2.  Admissions Interviews - once the application has been submitted, an interview with parent/ guardian and student will be scheduled.
  3. Decision letter is sent - This letter will determine if you are accepted to WCHS and will include final steps to complete your student's enrollment. 
2022-2023 International Fees and Expenses
Supporting Agencies

Private School Exchange ( If you are interested in applying through PSE for international admission, please contact Kellen Rhodes with Private School Exchange at 503.222.9803 or

In addition, there are other agencies that have sponsored some students in the past.  If you are currently linked with another agency, you will need to fill out a Westside application in order to be considered for the 22-23 school year.  If you have any questions about Westside, contact our Admissions Director, Jason Housley, at 503-697-4711 x1359 or at 


Westside Christian High School is a non-denominational high school. The philosophy of the school is distinctly Christian and is Biblically based. All Westside students are required to take a Bible class and attend Chapel. 


The application fee ($500) and an international registration fee ($1000) must be paid in full before Westside Christian issues an I-20. There are two payment options, annual or semester. With either option, complete payment must be made before the student can begin attending classes. Please inquire about International Fees and Expenses. Students will be expected to provide transportation to and from the United States. Students will be expected to pay for such things as school trips, materials for class, gifts, clothing, travel, entertainment, etc. Host families will only be responsible for providing housing, regular meals, and transportation to and from school and school events.

Health Insurance

Students will have to show that they have health/medical and liability insurance coverage before they can attend classes. 

Arrival and Departure 

Students should arrive in Portland at least a week before the first day of school to partake in a new student orientation and adjust to the new time change. Travel arrangements should be communicated to Caroline Hottmann. 

International Student Tutoring 

Westside Christian High School students will be provided with tutoring. First-year students will be required to attend an "International Student Tutoring" class each day taught by our International Student Director. All other international students will be provided with a fixed number of optional tutoring hours for 1:1 tutoring support from professional tutors on campus. The student will be responsible for coordinating those hours, and they can be used as needed. 

International Student History 

Westside Christian High School has hosted international students for the past 30 years from more than 12 countries.  In the 2018-2019 academic year, we hosted 25 students from 6 different countries.