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Christmas Class Parties

December 10, 2022
By Ashley Ames
Our Class Parties create space for each class to come together, have some fun, and continue getting to know one another! Each class has advisors and representatives that plan and chaperone these events. They are listed below if you have questions:
Freshman Student Reps: Brennan McReynolds and Jayne Desimone
Freshman Advisors: Mr. Normansen and Mrs. Michael 

Sophomore Student Reps: Gabe Wong and Sarah Campbell
Sophomore Advisors: Mr. Lindsley and Mr. Hughes

Junior Student Reps: Drew Le and Sam Ayala
Junior Advisors: Mrs. Tag-Z and Mr. Washburn   

Senior Student Reps: Jillian Prince and Megan Blodgett
Senior Advisors: Mr. Flores and Mr. Henry 

Freshman Class Party - Saturday, December 10th - McReynold's home - 6pm to 8pm

Sophomore Class Party - Saturday, December 10th - Westside Christian High School - 6pm to 8pm

Junior Class Party - Saturday, December 10th - Cooper's home - 6pm to 8pm

Senior Class Party - Saturday, December 11th - Packman's home - 3pm to 5pm

Stay tuned and check your email for more details coming soon!


November 10, 2022
By Ashley Ames
Powderpuff, one of our favorite events at Westside, is on Thursday, November 10th! Get ready for snacks, competition, and an all around fun evening! 
The evening begins at 6pm and will go until 9pm. Plan to bundle up!

The girls form football teams by class and are coached by their male peers who have played football. Our boys also organize an amazing cheerleading squad with epic performances coached by some of our talented girls who dance. We have faculty participate through reffing, announcing and scoreboard. Come out and cheer our students on!

Powderpuff players! Please make sure to wear the following colors: 
FRESHMEN: yellow

Guest Faculty Appearances!
Refs: Mr. Washburn, Coach Van, Coach Henry
MC: Keshaun King
Scoreboard: Mr. Housley
…and our very own Quinaby Stine will sing the National Anthem!

6:00pm … all teams warm up
6:30pm … National Anthem, prayer, introductions
7:00pm … Junior vs. Freshman Game
7:50pm … Sophomore vs. Senior Game
“HALF TIME” - all cheer dance, drumline performance
8:30pm … Championship Game
8:50pm … Trophy Announcement/Celebration

Junior/Senior Night

October 28, 2022
By Ashley Ames
Join us for a super fun night with a bounce house, karaoke, pizza dinner, snacks and more! Dress casual so you can engage in all of the fun activities. We can't wait to see you there! Ask your Student Council or Ms. Ames if you have any questions!

Fall Fest

October 06, 2022
By Ashley Ames
Join us at FALL FEST for line dancing, the cow train, snacks, the corn maize, a bonfire and more!

-Make sure to wear your favorite flannel and shoes you can get dirty.
-You will need to provide your own transportation. Try and carpool!
-This is an event for WCHS students only! This means there are no "guest passes" for students attending other schools at this event, no siblings that are not currently a WCHS student, and only approved volunteers. 
We hope to see you there!!

Spirit Week! Join in the fun and dress up accordingly…
Monday 10/3 - Pajama Day
Tuesday 10/4 - BBQ Dad vs. Soccer Mom Day
Wednesday 10/5 - Twin Day
Thursday 10/6 - Cowboy vs. Cowgirl Day

Senior Retreat (Camp Kuratli)

September 10, 2022
By Ashley Ames
This weekend is a great adventure for all of our seniors! We want the last year of high school to be memorable and full of relationship. The reason for this retreat weekend is for the seniors to get to know one another better and to spend some time thinking and strategically planning together in preparation for senior year. This weekend is an awesome time of growth for each individual and as a senior class as well. 

Click the link for the “Letter to Home” regarding the Senior Retreat:


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