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Keith Lucas Memorial Scholarship Fund

Many of the alumni who loved Mr. Lucas has launched a Keith Lucas Memorial Scholarship fund.
This scholarship fund will be used yearly to honor a senior who best emulates the servant leadership qualities of Keith Lucas.
This scholarship will go towards that student’s college tuition.
Help us honor the leadership of Mr. Lucas by making this fund as robust as possible, so that his name will be remembered and his service to this school never forgotten.

Can I use a credit card to make a gift?

Yes, follow the directions below to make your gift with a credit card.
Thank you for expressing interest in giving a gift to Westside Christian High School.
To make a gift, Click Here.  To designate your gift, please fill in the blank provided when processing your gift. To specify the amount of your gift, click the box with $0.00 and enter your gift amount.
Can I make a gift with a check?

Absolutely! Please make checks payable to Westside Christian High School with Heart of Westside in the memo.